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The DGLA Disc Golf Course Grant Program

Now there is a resource to help those who are involved in creating new disc golf courses as well as improving existing courses. Submit a summary of a project that is planned for this year and that will be complete by mid of next year.  DGLA members will select from the qualifying projects to award assistance grants to the project(s) they deem to be the most needed and worthy of supporting with their cold hard cash.  A portion of each years membership fees by state or region goes into this program to help grow and improve Disc Golf courses in each state or region in which members call Home.  The result is better Disc Golf conditions for everyone.  Better Disc Golf courses to play more Disc Golf League rounds

We hope the listing attracts others that would want to help with things from free labor to products and services.  We are also collecting information about companies and individuals who provide such services. 

“So how do I get the money???”

Fill out the project submission form any time before July 1st of the current year and check the DGLA Course Improvement Grant Program box, indicating that you would like your project to be considered for the DGLA Disc Golf Course grant program. Note the sooner the project is listed the sooner others can read about it and potential assist you in ways you may not have considered.

For those projects that meet the requirements they will be presented to the DGLA members for review and vote.  The winner(s) will be announced and DGLA will then work with the Project Coordinator to reimburse them for work that is verified completed before July 1st of the following year.  Any unused or remaining funds will go back into the DGLA State Course Grant program for future awards.

How much money is the Grant for?

The amount of each grant is based on several factors; project scope and cost, available funds in the DGLA State Disc Golf Course Grant budget, the number of grants awarded.  The grants are meant to assist with projects big and small.


  1. Project must be for a Disc Golf Course creation or improvement project.
  2. The project must be for work that will be performed between January 1st of the current year and will be complete by July 1st of the following year.
  3. Project must already be approved by the property owner prior to July 1st of the current year, contact information must be provided.
  4. Summary of project schedule and cost break down (Materials and Man hours) must be provided.
  5. A list of other sponsors, and sources of capital for the project must be provided.
  6. A list of any clubs, organization or individual volunteers assisting with this project must be provided. (for recognition)
  7. Pictures of the work, before and after must be provided.
  8. Winners must provide a short summary of the project, results, what went right, what would you change in the future to make the project or results better.
  9. Proof of completion and of cost incurred must be provided to receive grant payments. ( partial payments for items or phases completed may be made but must be pre-planned and approved by DGLA).

If you have a project worthy project and have concerns about how to submit or qualify for a DGLA Disc Golf Course Grant please contact us to assist you.

It is DGLA’s goal to help those who help Disc Golf but we must be responsible with our members funds to ensure we reach our goal of improving the Disc Golf in our members communities.

DGLA reserves all rights.  DGLA has the sole determination of qualifications, rule adherence, selection and payment terms.

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