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Ypsi Dubs Doubles League - 2012-01-08 - Ypsilanti Mi - Rolling Hills County Park -  Course Review

Michigan Cooperative  (Disc Golf) Point Series -

(MiCPS)  Summer 2011

Summary & Rules

 by the Disc Golf League Association –

   PDF Version

Table of Contents

1.     Revision History

2.     Terms & Acronyms

3.     Overview:

3.1.      Dates:

3.2.      Cost and Fees

4.     Point Series Point Award and Accrual Rules:

4.1.      League Round Data Transfer to Point Series

4.1.1.     Highlighted League of the Week (HLW)

4.1.2.     Best Two Weekly Scores Count

4.1.3.     Timely Score & Point Entry

4.2.      League Round Point Calculation

4.2.1.     League Round Data Entry

4.2.2.     Calculation of PS Points

4.2.3.     DNF (Did Not Finish)

4.2.4.     Handling of Ties (for points)

4.2.5.     Cali Points

4.2.6.     League Cancellation or Termination

4.3.      Special Points:

4.3.1.     Frost Bite Points

4.3.2.     Winter Ace

4.3.3.     Summer Ace

4.4.      Additional Notes

4.5.      “Opting Out”_

5.     Scheduling:

6.     Other Events

6.1.      Tournament Inclusion

6.2.      Regional Semifinals

6.3.      Grand Finale - League Party

7.     Violation or Noncompliance to the Rules & Processes

8.     How to Join & Next steps summary


1.  Revision History    <Back up to TOC>









First meeting minutes to capture previous discussion and current direction. - Foz




Updated Points awards – Added Participation, Outright, DNF, Restricted Double points, improved format. - Foz




Creation of Summer Summary based on previous A2CoPS Charter and Rules. – Foz



In Review

Added 4.1 specifying featured league and max of two best scores rules. Added line in tournament inclusion section.  Added final event date.



In Review

Updated 3.0 overview, updated 4.1.3, added 4.4 additional notes



In Review

Added sect 8 – how to join and next steps summary.




Document reviewed and approved for distribution




Converted to MI Point Series – added automation of points and separation of local league points from PS points.  Update Overview and added contact name and numbers at the end. Update Acronyms. *** Need to determine if Summer Ace description needs any modification.  ***




Updated reference to automatic Point Series point calculation in numerous places. Clarified Ace points.  Added hints to LC about adding players and profile linking.






Scott Changed MICoPS to MiCPS

Added info about our aspirations to crown a league state champion,

Few small edits




Foz- League round Cancellation & Termination sect  added




Proposed changes for Winter 2010/11:

Dates added

Update group name and logo globally.

Update points section for Handicap leagues and Cali limitations

Regional semi-finals and the Grand Finale were added.




Above items never got out, so we will postpone to summer 2011. 

Things I see that need to be added:

(SUMMER 2011)

Handicap Rule

Division Rule (must enter points by division if league has division) 

Cali Limitations (more detail) 2 points if one cali.  Otherwise cali counts as one point.


Entry Fee for Clubs: league pool. 


Entry Fee for Individuals: optional

Cost: $35

Benefits: $5 discount to final event (Winter and Summer).  DGLA Number, Disc and Mini. 


Perpetual trophy. 


Ask for donations:


Monthly Awards (Table on home page showing top points earners for week, month, overall) 


Opt Out: ?  Don’t publish but have ability to turn off players.



Update for Summer 2011

            A - Scores are entered the same as leagues determine payouts; If Divisions are used for payouts than scores are entered by division. If handicaps are used for payouts then the handicap adjusted scores must be entered.

            B - Point Calculation is now takes into account League size - three levels are defined; 4-19 players, 20-59, and 60+ players.  The points awarded are different for each group.  The smaller league rounds will get a higher max point total, the middle size league round are calculated as they have been for the last two PS and the larger league rounds have a Max point total per round - Details can be reviewed at

            C - Cali - If there is one Cali in a double league they are counted as two players but if more than one team is Cali than they are only counted as one when calculating point totals.  This ensures leagues can have Cali rounds with multiple Cali teams, but the point totals are accurate based on the number of actual players that played the round.

           D - Points will only accumulate during participating league rounds; there will not be a Grande Finale event for final points at the end of the season.  We will have an event to celebrate the season and crown the Mi Disc Golf League Champion and other awards but for those who can not travel they will not be penalized for not being able to attend.

           E – Dates all updated. & general updates to update text to current season.





Reviewed and Released for Summer 2011


2.  Terms & Acronyms    <Back up to TOC>


Ann Arbor Cooperative (Disc Golf) Point Series


“California” Refers to a single player team in a doubles round who is given one extra throw per hole.


The Disc Golf League Association – PS league organization

DGS  League automation website


Did Not Finish – A player who registered but is unable to complete the round or who does not turn in a score card.


Doubles League – Two players are paired together and compete as a team per the rules of the league against other teams.


Highlighted League of the Week


League Coordinator – Manages and is TD for a league round.  Normally club appointed to run a specific league.


Michigan Cooperative Point Series


Point Series


Singles league – Players play the round without a team partner, but normally with other league members.


3.  Overview:    <Back up to TOC>

The Michigan Cooperative Disc Golf Point Series league is to promote Disc Golf for all level of players, at more courses, and bring leagues and clubs closer together to cooperatively achieve greater things for the players and our sport.


The idea for a cooperative point series was tested in the Ann Arbor Michigan area during the 09-10 winter league and the Greens Keepers Disc Golf Club, Local 101 Disc Golf Player’s Union, and Ypsilanti Disc Golf clubs came together and with the assistance of the Disc Golf Scene website, created a local Point Series to combine points from individual league rounds played at participating leagues.  The results were dramatically increased player turn out, along with increased player enthusiasm and excitement. 


This document is to provide an overview of the Summer League format in which we hope to build on the success of the proof of concept Point Series league and expand it to new heights.


Through the use of Disc Golf Scene website the point series has been able to reach more players and facilitate the collection of points awarded at each participating league with no additional effort by the participating leagues.


We believe that there is a great potential for adding new and exciting features to the point series but our first mission is to provide a fair and fun experience to all the participants; Leagues and Players.  To that end we are providing these basic rules and process descriptions to enable new league to join and get familiar with them before collectively deciding how to further enhance the point series for future leagues.  

3.1.             Dates:      <Back up to TOC>

Sunday April 17th  - Start of Point Series

June 15th 2011 is the last day to add leagues to this Point Series. 


Saturday August 13th - End of Point Series, last round, last points August 20th 2011  MiCPS-S 2011 MiCPS League Party


Note – Your league dates do not need to align with the Point Series dates.  Only participating league rounds played between these dates will automatically be included into the point series.  Once a league is added into the point series the league coordinator just enter the leagues’ scores into DGS and they automatically show up in the Point Series.


3.2.             Cost and Fees    <Back up to TOC>

No entry fee will be charged for the 2011 MiCPS Summer League


This promotes participation without adding any additional burden or cost to the individual leagues and players.  This also shifts the reward to the achievement of points and the title of champion of the Point Series but also limits the potential of the Final Event and payouts or big awards.  We hope to generate excitement created by a big purse in the future.  Finale Berths and Regional semifinals are new features to help increase participation and total payouts.  We hope to reach more players than tournaments and eventually crown a league state champion.


Leagues can expect more players to attend from different areas and on a more frequent basis. Hopefully the individual leagues can find ways to optimize this for their benefit and collectively we can find ways to improve this in the future as well.


4.  Point Series Point Award and Accrual Rules:    <Back up to TOC>

4.1.             League Round Data Transfer to Point Series    <Back up to TOC>

To simplify individual league data transfer into the MiCPS, players must be registered players of otherwise resolving names to automate point calculations can not be automated and is very difficult and error prone.  If players do not have a profile then they are not added to the Point Series.  DGS is free for players and offers many other features and advantages to promote disc golf. Registered players also helps to increase the odds that messages sent to individual league members and MiCPS members will get to the players – helping disseminate information within the player community.


The Point Series will automatically calculate the points for inclusion into the Point Series – reducing the League Coordinators effort and reducing errors.  This also means leagues can use their own point system for their local league, or have no points for the local league.  Flexibility offered by DGS.


4.1.1.  Highlighted League of the Week (HLW)    <Back up to TOC>

Rotating between the participating leagues will be one or more featured league that changes every week. Scores for rounds played in the HLW are automatically calculated as double points. 


This feature is to encourage players to travel to leagues they don’t normally play and provide the league additional visibility to a much larger player group.  The HLW are indicated in the applicable point series schedule.


4.1.2.  Best Two Weekly Scores Count    <Back up to TOC>

Each player in the point series will have their best TWO scores of the week automatically included in their PS total.  So if a player completes three different league rounds in a week and scores 11, 22 and 5 points respectively, only the 11 and 22 go towards the overall points total. This is updated automatically each time a new round is added or one is updated.


This rule exists to encourage people to play as many leagues as they are able to, yet it helps reduce the disadvantage for those players who may only be able to make it out to one or two league rounds in a week.  The unused or lower scores will be marked as “dropped” and displayed but not counted in their point total.  Ace Points are an exception and handled separately – see below.


4.1.3.  Timely Score & Point Entry    <Back up to TOC>

The list of players, scores, points and aces are entered into the individual league on DGS, within 4 days of the completion of the league round at a maximum, posting scores within 24 hours is preferred.

League Coordinators should request information to enable them to easily add new players and link the players DGS profile and remind players that they need to be linked to have their scores listed in the point series. 

We want to avoid surprises late in the session if new players or leagues are added with scores from previous weeks.


4.2. League Round Point Calculation    <Back up to TOC>


The Point Series is for the enjoyment of the players which is optimized when scores and points are updated as soon after the league round is completed and the affect of that round can be seen in both the individual league’s Leader Board and the MiCPS Leader Board.  The fun and hype grows as players chat about the events and points from the rounds and the end of the season gets closer.


4.2.1.  League Round Data Entry    <Back up to TOC>

Scores are entered into the participating leagues score form.  The data should be entered based on how the round was played and payouts were based upon.  If Divisions were used than data should be entered indicating each players division. If Handicaps are used to determine payouts then the Handicapped adjusted scores should be entered into the score form. This ensures points are awarded based on the same system used by the league for that round. 


4.2.2.  Calculation of PS Points    <Back up to TOC>


During a sanctioned PS league round points are awarded to players based on the following rules:


Point Calculation formula = Participation + Earned + Outright Winner + Any Special Points (excluding ACE - Ace points are entered separately, see below.)


Each type of point in this equation is defined below.


Calculation of points is be based on the size (number of players) competing in the round.  There are three levels defined starting with 4 – 19 players, 20-59 players and 60+ players. 


The level 1 (4-19 players) awards 18 Earned points for First place.  For each place below First place Earned Points equal  18 minus 1 point for every player (2 points for every doubles team) that you did not beat, which includes those that you tied. Everyone gets two points for participation and for the winner if there was no tie for First place, an additional two points for Out Right Winner.  A minimum of 4 players is required or the round will be ignored when calculating PS points.


 The level 2 (20-59 players) uses the existing point calculations without any changes; Earned Points equal 1 points for every player (2 points for every doubles team) you beat and there are two points for participation and for the winner if there was no tie for First place, an additional two points for Out Right Winner. 


For level 3 (60+ players) 58 Earned points for First place.  For each place below First place, Earned Points equal 58 minus 1 point for every player (2 points for every doubles team) that you did not beat, which includes those that you tied.  Everyone gets two points for participation and for the winner if there was no tie for First place, an additional two points for Out Right Winner.      Participation Points     <Back up to TOC>

All players who play and finish a league round receive 2 participation points. 


(This is to reward all players for playing and finishing a round, so even last place receives some points, and there is no impact to point differential between players based on score in a given round and minimal impact over the PS league).      Earned Points     <Back up to TOC>

Points are awarded after each league round based on each player’s or team’s score in relation to the other scores. The calculation is one point for every player with a lower score (singles) or 2 points for ever team (doubles) with a lower score including any DNFs. 


If a league uses handicapped scores for payouts than these are the scores that need to be entered into DGS, not the RAW scores, for that round.


(all scores must be turned in and validated on a score card or in writing)      Outright Winner     <Back up to TOC>

If there is a single, outright winner (no tie for first place during a round) the first place player or team members receive 2 additional points. (include themselves in the calculation of Points as they were not beat or tied by anyone)



4.2.3.  DNF (Did Not Finish)    <Back up to TOC>

DNF, which includes no score card, receive no participation points but are counted when calculating other players Earned Points.  When entering score put “999”


(Avoids a situation in which a player could intentionally DNF, if they are performing poorly, to reduce the points that other players would receive.  Eliminates the need to rely on anyone’s memory, players scores are official when written down, prevents potential situation of conflict)

4.2.4.  Handling of Ties (for points)    <Back up to TOC>

In cases of a tie the LC has the option to break the tie or leave it as a tie.  If you play off a tie for point’s determination then all ties for that round should be played off.  If you play off a tie for first place the winner is not eligible for Outright Winner points. 


(Playoff for individual leagues payouts is independent – this rule only applies to PS point calculation.)

4.2.5.  Cali Points    <Back up to TOC>

If a player elects to play Cali the point calculation is the same as defined above.  The score is entered into the score form and DGS handles the allocation.  Cali does not get double points.  Cali does count as a whole team for Core Point calculation for others Teams in Doubles, if there is only one Cali team.  If someone beats a Cali then they get 2 points as if they beat any other team (player pair).  Cali is an option to even out teams during doubles.


If multiple Cali teams are included in a round, then each Cali is counted as one player.  This allows leagues to have Cali rounds where players have the option to experience being a Cali.


(Any additional entry fees for Cali is based on individual league’s rules and has no effect on points)

4.2.6.  League Cancellation or Termination    <Back up to TOC>

It is up to the individual league to ensure a safe and fair environment for the players. 


If a round is cancelled in advance then no scores or players are entered.


If after a league round begins the league administrators decide to terminate the round they may enter 999 to indicate the rounds was not completed and the player participated. They will get participation points for their effort.


4.3.             Special Points:    <Back up to TOC>

Special Points are defined to encourage play or add to the fun.  The following Special Points are defined for specific leagues

4.3.1.  Frost Bite Points    <Back up to TOC>

For days were the temperature, including wind chill, is below 15 degrees F, double points are awarded for Participation, Earned and Outright Winner. This does not affect or double other special points like Winter Ace points, unless otherwise explicitly indicated.  The LC determines if this rule applies to a round played and indicates this fact on the League’s Message Board – If any disputes arise it goes to the governing board of representatives and the majority rules to resolve the dispute. Weather history data can be used to assist in resolve any dispute.

4.3.2.  Winter Ace      <Back up to TOC>

50 points will be awarded for an Ace during an MiCPS Winter league round – not affected by Double points. 

This is a winter rule to be evaluated for future PS leagues.  LC enters the ACE and must manually enter 50 points and DGS will automatically add these points to the PS. 

If a player playing Cali throws their second shot as a drive and gets an ACE it is up to the league’s individual rules as to whether it counts as an Ace.  What ever is entered into the leagues Ace data on DGS is what the Point Series will use in the automated calculations.

4.3.3.  Summer Ace      <Back up to TOC>

25 points will be awarded for an Ace during an MiCPS Summer league round.

This is a summer rule to be evaluated for future PS leagues.  LC enters the ACE and can manually enter any number of points but DGS automatic calculation will use 25 points when determining the player’s total points for the PS. 


If a player playing Cali throws their second shot as a drive and gets an ACE it is up to the league’s individual rules as to whether it counts as an Ace.  


Note – if an Ace is submitted for the round the auto calculation will include it with the default points.  If the round is dropped due to two other higher scores for this player the Ace points will still be counted.  Ace Points are independent of any other points for the round.


4.4.             Additional Notes    <Back up to TOC>

DGS will update the Point Series Leader board when scores are submitted.  If the scores are updated/corrected the Point Series Leader board is automatically updated – scores and player list.  Only league players who have a linked DGS profile will be added and updated within the Point Series, to ensure proper allocation to players from league to league.  If a player is linked to their DGS Profile then they will be added to the Point Series along with all their applicable points.


4.5.             “Opting Out”    <Back up to TOC>

If a player has objections to being automatically included in a Point Series they may contact DGLA and “Opt Out”.   This will prevent their name and any points from being displayed on the leader board and on their profile.  It also means they are not eligible for any PS awards or other benefits.  Once a player indicates they want to Opt out they will be excluded for the whole season and can not be reactivated.


The purpose of this feature is to ensure no one avoids playing in participating leagues due to their involvement being displayed in relation to the Point Series for what ever reason they may have.

5.  Scheduling:    <Back up to TOC>

All Leagues – All weeks are eligible for points.  It is up to the individual participating league to determine if they play on a given week. 


Notice should be provided to players in advance so players can plan accordingly.  It is up to the league to deal with alternate league coordinators and data entry to have points count toward the Points Series if desired.


Conflict with Local Area Tournaments:

Our goal is to promote the sport of Disc Golf, encourage more rounds, at more courses, with more clubs and connect more players.  New ideas will emerge and the best ideas will proliferate.  We ask each participating league to help promote local tournaments, leagues and clubs but ultimately it is up the individual participating leagues to decide if their league round is cancelled and up to the players as to which they prefer to play.

6.  Other Events    <Back up to TOC>

6.1.             Tournament Inclusion    <Back up to TOC>

-         Tournaments may be eligible for points in the Point Series at the discretion of the Disc Golf League Association. 

6.2.             Regional Semi-Finals    <Back up to TOC>

-         Regions are being explored to allow for regional semi-finals before the Grand Finale. There is an opportunity to award berths to the Finale to increase exposure and participation.  Price and details TBD.

6.3. Grand Finale  - League Party    <Back up to TOC>

The Grand Finale has been replaced with a End of Season Party.  Play some more rounds of Disc Golf and announce the awards but no points for these rounds. 

MiCPS-S 2011 MiCPS League Party

Date: August 20th  2011

YES this is mainly an event to play more Disc Golf and announce the MiCPS-S awards.

Everyone is welcomed - no eligibility restrictions since there are no points up for grabs.



7.  Violation or Non-Compliance to the Rules & Processes     <Back up to TOC>

Issues related to adherence to the rules and processes should be addressed to the Disc Golf League Association for review.  Non-Compliance can result in the league being removed from the Point Series.


If not specifically called out above then the individual league rules and process are applicable. 


8.  How to Join & Next steps summary    <Back up to TOC>


If your club and league are interested in participating in the MiCPS Summer 2011 Add your league to DGS and contact us with the following:

League name

Primary League Coordinator’s (league Admin.) name

Provide any questions you may have.

Date of HLW if you have a preference. 


Note – A cut off date may be determined at which point no new leagues will be added.


  1. June 15th 2011 is the last day to add leagues to this Point Series. 


Now, let’s get out there on the course, play and have fun with more players and greater excitement about league play.


Now that we have the basic tools and processes in place, and proven out, we look forward to even greater things with the cooperative power gained by uniting the local clubs and league toward a common goal.


If you would like your league to be included into the MiCPS Winter 2010/11 League please contact the Disc Golf League Association.


    <Back up to TOC>


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